6 Reasons why you should invest in mid-century modern furniture

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that Mid-Century Modern furniture from the 50s and 60s has made a huge comeback. The designs are sleek and elegant to curvaceous and funky have become part of our homes. Here are 6 reasons why you should invest in mid-century modern furniture.

1. Because of its enduring appeal, it remains a good investment. While there are many knock-offs and reproductions, only original pieces that are actually from the mid-20th century are worthwhile investments.

2. It not only holds its value, it’s appreciating in value. These days, people are buying Mid-Century Modern furniture the same way they’d buy an artwork and it’s driving up prices, just as prices in the art market are driven up. However try searching out lesser-known names whose pieces might not be priced as high.

3. It was built to last. Mid-Century Modern furniture was well made with simple materials and were not cheaply made. As a result, much of it is still in good shape today, and just as functional.

4. It’s easy to live with. The style works well with contemporary designs and is easily incorporated in most homes. Mid-Century Modern looks amazingly good anywhere, even in a 19th-century apartment building with mantels and moldings. Although you can find similar furniture at West Elm and Design Within Reach, they can’t replace the real thing, in terms of the intrinsic value, the patina and the classic original design holds.

5. It will help save the planet. Using vintage furniture rather than buying new is a form of recycling. And, of course, there’s the undeniable cachet of having the real thing in your home. However don’t limit yourself to just collecting mid-century furniture. Keep an eye out for classic lamps, clocks and artwork.

6. You can breathe new life into classic pieces. The good thing about buying mid-century furniture is that you can still make it your own, by reupholstering outdated fabric on outdated upholstered pieces to make it your own.

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