Hans Wegner for Getama


Hans J. Wegner is one of the principals of 'Danish Modern' and an internationally awarded Danish designer. For almost 60 years, GETAMA has manufactured furniture designed by Hans J. Wegner. He is one of the Danish designers who has achieved world fame. Wegner is a meticulous and admired craftsman and his furniture is a combination of good, solid details rooted in the tradition of the craftsmanship style that Danish designers are known for and is highly regarded. This line of furniture is highly appreciated for its design, quality and durability and has become a collector's item and is still a best-seller at GETAMA.



Hans Wegner GE-290 Easy Chair without armrests

Hans Wegner GE-1935 Venus Bench, Hans Wegner GE-1936 Venus Easy Chair, Hans Wegner GE-1937 Side Table